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A simple way of hooking hundreds of the same exact leds to same power source? Answered

Well i was wondering if anybody knows some schematics online...    same type of leds but different colors . so each color has a toggle switch.
I'm not so clear about leds.


Hey Thanks this is perfect! exactly what i needed.

What power source, what LEDs?
Rick has given you all you really need, but not being so clear about LEDs, tell us more about what you've got/want.


Well i have money. I have whole box full of adapters of various voltages... and i can get LEDs online or at Radioshack. rickharris  has got me an answer. Well thanks though!      

That's good (thinking about it before buying stuff)


Think of them as one way light bulbs that burn out if you don't protect them from too much current or voltage.

Decide on what you have for a power source, considering if it needs to be portable, etc....then use a calculator to figure out the circuit design.