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A small house on a roof? Answered

Hiya all!

I sometimes go to my grandmother's house, and there is an abandoned Karate club or something near it. Recently, I got bored so I went outside. I circled around that building a couple of times, and I noticed that I can climb to it's roof! It's not too high, about only 5 meters or so. The roof is awesome! It's flat, and then I came up with an awesome idea - how about building a small house there?

Just for the fun of it, it could be an awesome place to come with friends. I need the floor to be at least 2x2 meters, height 1.5-2 meters. I need the house to be made of cheap and available materials. Got any ideas?


It may be "abandoned" but someone owns it and won't be happy to learn that you've modified it.  That would be considered criminal trespass and you would be liable for any damage you do and the cost to put it back to original.

On the other hand, just because you can get on the roof what makes you think the roof would support the extra weight of the materials you use and the stuff you bring up there and the people in your club?  Who's going to be in trouble when it falls thru and someone is hurt?  They are going to be looking for the person who had the idea in the first place.

Yeah... Maybe I should leave it...

Find someplace where you won't get into trouble and build the pallet house shown over on the right.

Sometimes you can find pallets for free.


8 years ago

Well, take those dimensions to your local hardware store.  Get thick-ish wood lengths for that size and corrugated steel for walls and roof.

Then just hammer it together on the roof and bingo, instant shack, I mean, house :-)

Anyway, hope this helps.......