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A swell trick with a nail in wood. Answered

Originally via Boing Boing, original video by Stevin Marin:


Ahh... i see what you did there.

I didn't do it, I pinched the headline off Boing Boing

What, you'd prefer I took credit for somebody else's creativity?

Or create another punny pun :D

Nailed it!

I had already seen it, I thought it was on Instructables. Interesting trick, same principle than this instructable.

The video is no longer available. Could you find an alternative? This seems interesting.

Fixed - it seems the version tweeted by Boing Boing was actually a rip-off from Wood Working for Mere Mortals (as already linked by Twinmum).

Ha! This is cool! I saw a similar trick done with a wooden arrow (one piece of wood including arrow head and tail) going through a glass bottle, I.e the head or tail of the arrow could not fit through the holes drilled in the bottle)
Now I know how they must have done it!

I really like yours tho kiteman, think I might try it myself this weekend.

They could have put the head on after threading it through the holes.

Na, the arrow was carved out of one piece of wood, with the head and the tail both too big for the hole. What they must have done was compress the head, put it through then 'reconstitute' it in the way that Kiteman showed us.

It's not mine, I saw it on Boing Boing

Well Mr K, it really matters little where you got it from, it's the best documentation of the technique I've seen. It's an OLD trick and a very neat way to get some things to fit REALLY tight.

Nice one....
I have just got to make a couple of these for those annoying people who can always do wood block puzzles :-)

You just broke the minds of some poor innocent people.

Nice! :D

Good one! Very Cool!