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A true K'nex challenge. Answered

Well, I have it. Something...epic. I need you guys to design a shell ejecting, handle mag, semi-auto K'NEX gun. Try it!


I have a shell ejection system down already. Handle mag wouldn't be that hard if I mod my system. Semi auto would be pointless though. Possible but weak. It wouldn't be a challenge just more of a nuisence trying to make everything work together.

Aw, man, don't give up! I have 2/3 things down already. My shells stay in until AFTER it's fired. Then you prime the slide and it ejects in a side-winding spiral.

Yeah My TDS2 style isn't the greatest but if you look on KI you'll find my posted XM8 project to keep it half secret and still open for those who looked. The XM8 uses a new shell system or at least one that hasn't been used in this fashion. I might be able to make like a special shell white rod magazine. I'm not sure why people think it's impossible because all you really need to do is combine like my TDS2 with ooda's SALSA (lol) and then whatever shell mech you want to do. Supposedly you could just put green rods under each dark grey but I never tested it out.

Post as in a forum post. Sorry I could have worded that better but I simply meant I started a forum on KI.

Oh. Speaking of post, is there a release date set on it?

I made a mag that uses that exact mech except it ejects silver spacers (you know I have a deep-seated hatred for tape)

did that a couple of months ago

Oh. It ejected shells, was handle-mag, AND semi-auto?

I hate to say this, but I dont think I can build something like this. 1. the shells. I do not know the basics of shell ejecting, or putting them in a mag. let alone a handle mag 2. the semi-auto. I have had no experience with building a semi-auto, and the semi-autos on the site baffle me in a few ways.

I've made a semi auto, and mine was almost exactly like Louis XIV's, except mine was a tad different, and the shells I'm not sure about, the way my semi auto was set up there was no room for shell ejection =/, plus there was no chance I could put the mag in the handle on my semi auto.

So I'm with you on that one lol.

I totally agree with you lol.

I could do everything on there execpt the handle mag... It would feet very uncomfortable And the shells would barely fit it...

one is secret, the other is a new sniper rifle, look on DJ's orangeboard for more info

Its not that secret! I just want to post it when i finish it...

GAHHHHH!!!1one11eleven1111111111111one-quadrillion, one hundred eleven trillion, one hundred eleven billion, one hundred eleven million, one hundred eleven thousand, eleven thousand, one hundred eleven.

It's kinda like ednators... but like all ram semi-autos it was very wimpy

i had a fake-semi-auto shotgun with shells, but it is long gone.

probably like a gatling gun except shot gun styled that's my guess anyways.