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A visual timer for kids Answered

I would like help figuring out how to make this special type of clock.   I need some for my daughter, but don't want to shell out the $30 plus dollars for each one.   It is basically counting down time in a visual way for children who are too young to understand numbers counting down.

I know there are computer based ones online, but it is not always convenient to have the computer on.

Thanks for any help!


You might be able to make one with the mechanism from a wind-up kitchen mechanical timer or a cheapo clock (IKEA or dollar store). The trick is to replace the minute "hand" with a disk that is partially painted red. You then have a mask with a pie portion cut out for say "15 minutes - 1/4 of the pie". This is mounted as the clock face. 1/4 of the minute disk is painted red. You then have to match it up so the quarter segment fills up with red or the red disappears when it turns. I guess make have different clock faces for different time intervals and slide it in a holder on the clock face.. Good luck.