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A water vapour fountain? Answered

I´m just wondering if this is possible at all. If you use a sunoven you can concentrate sunlight, or a set of mirrors in the same way as those sun energy centrals the sunlight creates a hotspot. Or so I think.

Could you then use a normal fountain like sprinkler to get water to that hotspot using a solarpump, a pump on solar energy. If the water goes through the hotspot would it then evaporate on place ? Or am I mistaken that the hotspot would not be in thin air ? Would it be possible to somehow create one then, and get something like that ?



8 years ago

You could center the focus of a really power full mirror or lens at one place just like you are describing, but to vaporize a stream of water like that would take a huge amount of energy.  The amount of energy at the focal point would be seriously dangerous so be careful.

The sun will be moving across the sky and you'll have to track it pretty closely.  Not impossible but it will take some engineering especially if you want it to work unattended.

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