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A way To Hang This? Answered

Hey guys. I have this Star Trek Logo I've made from wood. There will be LED lights added to the back. Problem i have is how to hang it to the wall.  It needs to be out from wall a bit . I can't find or know the name of the kind of hook i need. Anyone any ideas. Oh it's about 4 feet tall.


You want to use wall-picture stand-offs.

They're commonly used for commercial signs to make them pop. One part screws into the wall leaving a stud for the picture to be mounted on, the other part mounts to the stud.

If you want it invisible, you need to have angled t-slots routed into the wood on the back so that the stud (side view shaped like a T) slides in and gravity holds it in place.


Storage hook
Screw hook


If you use large screws like these, you need to make sure that you
are screwing into the wall stud and not just plaster or dry wall only.
Also its best to drill  pilot hole in the wood for large screws.


5 years ago

I would use one or two(depending on the weight) D-ring picture frame hangers.

+1 your local hardware store should have a selection picture hangers. They should have suggested weights on the packaging. Choose a solution that will easily mount to the object and hold the weight. Don't forget that you may need to help out the wall connections with anchors. You don't want to rip out the sheet rock.

This could possibly work
They are called stainless steel hooks and eyes ( click on it for the google link )
Below is an image of what they look like.....
The left one(the hook) should be on the wall & the right one on your wooden piece
Hope this help's