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A way to take digital photos with an analogic camera? Answered

it exist a device or adaptator or someting for it?


 There are several answers to your question but their suitability depends on what underlying problem you are trying to solve.

Scenario A) You need digital photos (so you can upload an instructable, for example) and you have a point and shoot film camera, but you don't have much money to spend
Answer A) Have the film developed and have digital copies sent to you (or a CD burned)

Scenario B) You have invested thousands of dollars in 35mm SLR cameras and lenses and you just want to keep on taking pictures in the digital age.
Answer  B) You can't really use the old camera bodies but you could buy a digital camera body that might accept your old lenses. There are numerous websites devoted to such topics.

Scenario C) You are a professional photographer with loads of high end photography gear and you want to keep on using it in your work/studio.
Answer C) Orksecurity and Re-design's answers

Scenario D) You think there might be a cheap way to convert your average film camera to digital rather than buying a new digital camera.
Answer D) I think you should ditch the average film camera and for less than
$100 you can buy an average digital camera.

Scenario E) You are in the development stage of creating "digital film" that can be placed in old film cameras and after 36 exposure, can be plugged into a USB port to be uploaded.
Answer E) Molton Boron's answer 

Purchase a CCD chip, put it where the film would go.
Line out your CCD to a memory card.

Low-budget solution: Shoot film, then run the negatives or slides through a transparency scanner. Decent quality scanners can be had in the $300 range if you shop around, sometimes less if you get them used; if you're willing to accept lower quality, many of the under-$100 flatbed scanners can do at least a rough scan from a slide or negative and software can invert the negative to obtain a positive image. If you can't afford a scanner, many stores now have kiosks (from Kodak or another company) that have a a pretty good slide or negative scanner built into them and can transfer onto CD or memory stick for a fairly reasonable price.

As the others have said: Digital backs are available for some mid-to-high-end cameras, often costing several hundred dollars... and those aren't cheap cameras to begin with. Unless you already have an suitable camera that you're in love with, buying a digital camera is probably simpler.

The other answer, of course, is to convert a scanner into the digital verison of an old-style view camera. Big and bulky and inconvenient, but reportedly can produce good photos once you get all the kinks out. I think there's been an instructable or two on that topic; if not, websearching will find descriptions of this kluge.

It can be done, I'm sure you could find something on the subject?<br /><br />L<br /><br />

Are you asking if there is a way to take digital photos with a FILM camera? If so then yes there is. But the last time I checked it only worked on medium format view cameras and at the time cost about $20,000. I've heard that Hasselblad was planning or had a digital back but it would be several thousand for it also. Film cameras and digital cameras are very different in design. Even the most advanced film cameras were relative primative to even the pocket digital cameras. Every digital camera has a computer in it that processes the image on the sensor and does it instantly then stores that processed data on a memory card and gets ready for the next shot. That computer also focuses the lens, reads the light from as many as 125 spots on the sensor, finds the faces and waits for a smile. When you can get that for less than $200 why would anybody buy a digital adapter that would cost twice as much and not do nearly as much. You can get digital slr cameras starting around $400 or so. If you have a bunch of good 35 mm lenses you can get an adapter to use those on the digital camera and you're already ahead of the game. If you want to do it for fun, it has been done my diy'ers but it's not easy.