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A website lifting Instructables directly. Answered

I just came across this peculiar website.

All it seems to be is a copy of Instructables' "recent" list.

I wonder how many other websites like this are out there...?


This one looks different, it's not RSS and the images have been altered.


Yes, some Guy in China was asking me if I had high res' images which I don't. But he pointed me to that one. L

Haha look at the Robot Racer Video hahaTell me that isn't a copy of instructables... :P

As others have said, this is a direct feed. Alternatively you have the myriad of sites that link our recent or featured work, like daily diy etc. These sites link back to us at least. What gets me are sites that mimic us exactly. There are a few of these also. I don't think they are trying anything but it is a tad unusual.

Its just a Korean site pulling up the RSS feed. If you want them to stop give them a bottle of Johnny walker and some ribs. They like Johnny Walker.

My dad is Korean also then! Does that mean I'm half Korean? lol

An Nyung ha se yo! That, and how to order a beer is all the korean I know, and i lived there for a year.

i found a link to some Kansas news site on my crossbow...

As the rest of the comments said, it seems to be a Korean RSS feed aggregator-like site.

It would seem to be a Korean site (other comments noted) L

There are tons of sites that do this. Check the referrers on a lot of your ibles. Chances are you'll see a lot of the same random websites that don't seem remarkable in any way linking to your projects. I don't know who actually read these sorts of things, because I don't get a lot of views from them, but they're there all the same. :P

Silly kiteman, Nothing to fret about. It's just using an RSS feed to "broadcast" instructables onto their site.

i think we also concluded dailydiy does the same

It appears to be an RSS subscription feed.