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A weird question about man anatomy ... (don't open if you don't like man anatomy !) Answered

I was just wondering how it comes that our testicles don't make knots into our scrotum ...

Because, technically, if I put two balls attached to two strings in a same pocket, I should end up with knots ???
Any clue ?




10 years ago

Ok, while we're on the subject: What's the plural form of p]enis? Is it peni? As in, cactus and cacti?

I think the plural is "entry in Riplet's Believe It or Not"


I believe you mean Ripley's, though.

See, that's what I thought, but didn't know if it was a "special" word.... Thanks.

Unlike a string with two balls attached, the testicles (string) continues on through the rest of your man anatomy and adapts into other parts. (ie. it isn't cut off).

I think they're controlled involuntarily against it, like they go in during time times of danger or fear, and in anger (but not during angry sex) also the scrotum is shaped to hold them it's not just a pocket... But my own personal theory is that nuts don't like nuts, I mean they probablytry to avoid eachother so they dont bang in to eachother, and so your dong can't call them fags...

they go in during time times of danger or fear, and in anger

and cold...

can't call them fags...

Um, I thought a fag was either a cigarette or a bundle of something (sticks, or veggies for certain stews, etc) ;-)

It's a cigarette for the english, due to the accent difference the become fegs here and and yes, also faggots are food in a ball, hence pork faggot, that was more a joke about us males than 'fags' I mean think of all the times you here 'ah you're fags because 2 guys bumped in to echother in the wrong way or hugged or something, hence the dong is homophobic, but I suppose a dong would have good reasons...

I know but I like to give really explanative answer so the facetitious one should be unable to be over that and then I be a pedant just for kick.

Ok, being familiar with "French cook books" I am quite familiar with the use of the term fag in them also (it is an interesting, if not long winded, method of cooking for sure) ;-)

The funny part is, The only one I think that makes seance to this question is jessyratfink

OMG!, you guys are scarry

Erm.. along that train of thought... about that unsightly hair in certain areas... I WANT IT GONE!!!!

Hm..I've heard of this one device that is supposed to remove hair. I think it's called a razor or something? Hm..dunno

You know as well as I that putting a sharp device in said are is a bad idea.

Many people do it though. There's also laser hair removal, and sorts of hair removal powders.

Read Tool's ible... he mentions... that... in it...
Disposibles are what he reccomended.
(Like this is the new way to talk.)

A quality disposable razor, like a mach three and a good shaving cream.


LMFAO...that's what hair does when it starts growing back. Maybe you can find a nice girl to scratch it for you =]

It's getting saucy in here! I've never understood the need to shave private areas completely clean. :P

Any comment would just be... awkward... Yet, I needed to show I was participating in the discussion.

Tis like saying Abstain ! during a vote.... :-)

Ehm... I'm not sure... its was a sudden urge... and despite the unpleasantries... I like it!

there is only one reason it's nessicary... for both sexes... head... nobody likes hair in there munch. and for chicks... it looks way better if it at least trimmed.

'tis stubble that does that. Since my chest was shaved for the Stress test EKG I have been scratching like crazy

I highly recommend to smother
your itching areas with some
Head & Shoulders Refresh shampoo
(the version with natural mint inside)


Stubble will do that in areas that tend to rub against other areas....

cortizone cream. there's a certain amount of getting used to it, after doing it repeatedly, eventually it will no longer itch.

E45 cream.

...and somebody to apply it...

a razor isn't bad. i'm speaking from experience, and i can say that as long as you are careful, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.