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M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle Answered




8 years ago

Uh...... I don't know. Use a turret of some kind, and.... good luck.

 what do you mean by a turret?  Oh btw i forgot to mention both my ideas are removeable for fast reloads... is a turret reloadable?

 Ok thanks so much thats pretty much exactly what i was going for

Cool. Although it's gonna be really difficult to make it shoot multiple rounds.

....Because it only holds one round per turret-barrel.

 oooooo i know what you mean what i was planing to do was put lots of thes on a sort of belt


whats so bad about it? i know that the range is but im making a 4 round automatic shotgun so it shouldnt really matter :)

 ok i  FINALLY made a mech that has never been used before, has the power of a bolt action gun, is full auto, and the best part is that the mech is in the GUN, not the bullets XD

 the trigger in that isnt correct, i have actually made one that allows it to fire in full auto, or you push a rod in and it will fire in semi auto


That's just an RBG. You must be new, eh?

 what do rgb's shoot?

....Rubberbands. Hence the name Rubber Band Gun.

well actually i was intending for the rubber band to go down the barrel hitting the bullet witch is in the chamber and pulling it along the guide thus firing the bullet but leaving the rubber band attached to the gun.  I never intended it to be shooting elastics.  Also, i now understand the concept of rbg's because i just built the gnasher, it is absolutely amazing!  thanks anyways

 yes BUT hes having a lot of problems with it and it doesn't work or look too good.  I had no idea about all of this but my working design does not have so many flaws like all these other guns i'm seeing now.  Also, mine has another feature witch other guns do not; a switch to go from semi to full auto.  I'm not trying to be cocky or anything, i mean this is going to be my first knex ible anyways.

I'm sure it'll be good, but I'm just saying it's been done before. Not trying to burst your bubble or anything. :)

 ok screw the aa12 im going to make an xm8 rbg

 im still going to try and improve it as best i can

 yea i guess i am

 ok i guess i just made a fool of myself for thinking that but ill try to improve it like having a semi/full auto switch and a realistic looking gun... i feel so stupid now  (STOOPID SLAP)

 also, you can put as many elastics as you want becasue the mag is etendable and i did not show the reinforcements in the picture.  Im planning on having the gun complete by winter break

 lol theyll be up tonight

 also im trying to conserve peices because it will have a 20 round full auto mag

 well im just trying to get it done first(the aa12) then ill try to fix any problems anyone has with it

It's been done a bajillion times.

Yeah, that's just a MG bullet.


8 years ago

So.... What would you theoretically win?

 i havnt decided on anything yet... any suggestions?

*5ing all 'ibles, subscribing, favoriting all 'ibles... I can't think of anything else.

oh yea i was think of doing that to top 3

oh and i was also entered into the contest

 i rated all of your ibles 5* and i subscribed

 oops sorry i guess i forgot but i did now :)

 i entered..... 5 star my crossbow plz and hell slayer!

*lol jk*

 i rated all of your ibles 5* and i subscribed

Make it so that you 5* 3 ibles that the user chooses.  Not the top 3.