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AA vs D battery in my home made disposable camera handheld flash? Answered

I ripped apart a disposable camera, took out the flash board, and with some soldering and some various wires and plastic boxes, tin foil and a cup from laundry detergent... made a handheld flash gun for long exposure... Its cool...

Anyway, it takes ONE AA battery.
Of course an AA discharges 1.5 volts.
A D sized battery also discharges 1.5 volts.

Can i use the D battery in the basic setup, since the voltage is the same, to make the flash gun last longer between battery changes? Is there any difference between an AA and a D other than the size and overall capacity? Will this blow the capacitor? Thanks!!!


Well, they shouldn't have too much of a difference in the volts but....

Amperage is a complete different story though. a D cell alkaline has more than seven times as much amperage than a double A alkaline cell.

There may be a very slight voltage difference between the two.  Maybe a tenth of a volt.  Very safe to use in your flash.

It will make the flash recharge quicker.  And the battery will last much longer than the AA will.

The only down side is that since it recharges so fast you might be tempted to use it too often or too quickly after a few shot.  REmember that it was meant to have some down time between shots and let the electronics cool off so don't burn them up that way.