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AAA Usb Charger Help Answered

I just bought a new Sansa e260 and I've been looking at these usb chargers but they all use 9v or AA and i have a ton of rechargeable AAA battery's, There 1.2 v so 5 will be 5v. Will this work if i just make a case draw the power from them out via usb?


Well then would 4 work? (4.8v)

yes, it will work, to an extent. the only real difference will be how long the batteries will last. AAA batteries are smaller than AA bats. They carry less amperage, and so may draw down faster than their larger cousins. If your going to use 5 of them, make sure the charging circuit you pick uses some kind of voltage control, as 5x1.2v=6v. and 6v could blow some devices if it's expecting 3-5v.