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AHHH, Hello everyone. I'm a filipino male college nursing student and a hobbyist. Concerning about the capacitor chargers that I have found about this site and which I'm common about using disposable camera as charger. Well here's my problem and the one I'm finding difficult for my self because I have just only a very little Knowledge about Electronics. For the many sites I visit none of it provides me an easy way of Building a Capacitor charger with LED indicator not using a disposable camera. What I need was a detailed and step by step instructions and easy for me to understand schematics and also the parts needed and its values cause sometimes i'm having troubles and difficulties for electronic symbols about on making a capacitor charger including all their connections or were to connect and wire those parts. I also find it difficult to build because some transformers have 5 pins or leads like on disposable cameras while the big ones have only 4. I'm building my own coilgun and it really works, now what i need was how to build a Fast charging capacitor charger like those that I found on many sites. Just like a other professional and amateur hobbyist I'm just a little one who was just starting. I would really as in really appreciate all the helps....THANKS!!!!!!!! And by the an easy steps in making a homemade stepup Transformer using a house hold materials would also be helpful!!! Thanks again!!! Here's my E-mail>>>>> girudo_sinister@yahoo.com



Tnx for the advice again, but I got a question for ya i have found another one, another capacitor charger. this time its a bost converter it is simple as yours but i'm always get into trouble when finding parts needed. because of the scarcity and i'm not sure if those parts i need is available here in philippines. I only need an I.G.B.T. and a Power MOSFETs lots of it having a 500v 14A rating. thats the primary component of the boost converter i've been talking about. by the way whats a bridge rectifier i think its kinda same thing on the parts that i'm looking for the Power MOSFETs as a rectifier diode....!!!!

heres an example if you can read schematics: http://penguinslab.com/Pictures/CapDish/schem.GIF
it uses a step-up transformer and a bridge rectifier basically, and a transistor will help as an amplifier, the relay is a nice high voltage switch for a capacitor switch. if you don't know what these are JFGI (just f'ng google it, thats my motto xD).
But don't take my word for it, im not even in high school yet

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Ohhhh, aheheh sorry about that, I forgot to think of that maybe too excited to learn anyway Thank you very musch for the advice, I'll edit the post.

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AHEHE, GEEE tnx again for the advice, why didn't I think of that king of E-mail ahehehe, maybe I should try that. Anyway TNX again!!!!!