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AC Switch Wiring... HELP? Answered

I just purchased an AC lighted switch @ rs, but the wiring diagram is giving me trouble, and off the top of my head, it looks like i'll have big problems using it (without losing the lighted feature) in my current circuit... If anyone knows how to make it fit, or knows a good replacement, please help... the problem, as illustrated in the diagrams below, is that I need to wire the switch in series with the load, where as it wants the lamp to be in parallel . i only have easy access to the hot wire before reaching the load, but would like to use this switch.


Actually, you are wiring the switch in series with the load through pins 1 (line) and 2 (load). This is all that's needed for the switch to work. The lamp within the switch is a very high inductance light and doesn't require the actual neutral line (but it would be preferable). It could work with an available ground. If an outlet is available nearby, tie a 24 gauge line to its neutral and run it up to the switch. Otherwise, a 24 gauge wire to a handy water pipe would suffice.

thanks a bunch... the idea of wiring neutral or ground in from later in the circuit never even occurred to me. I'm modifying a surge protector to have an external power switch that I can mount in an enclosure. I think I'll just rewire for three leads to the switch (line, load, and neutral)... Done, Done and Done. Thank you, it works perfectly! I just needed to realize that I only needed one line from neutral to be added to the circuit.