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AC Voltage Attenuation? Answered

Hello, All- I am making my second version of the "Tube Lamp." Others have managed to wire in these neat-looking old analog meters on theirs, and I thought that would be something I'd like to try. I bought a couple 1-10VAC meters from fairradio.com... The problem is (besides the fact that I am an electronics idiot) that obviously if I try to wire in this particular meter to normal 110 AC, the meter will blow up. Is there a way to attenuate the voltage coming out of the dimmer to "play nice" with the 1-10 VAC meter? I suppose I would need to divide the voltage by a factor of 10. How would I step down the voltage to the meter only, while supplying the bulbs with the proper voltage? Any help would be appreciated!


so, an AC transformer "with no rectifying circuit" - meaning it doesn't rectify to DC? cool! I don't know much about the meter itself. I shall attempt to post pics: The first one is the front (this is one that i've already blown up - that's why the needle is reading voltage...) The next one is the back - the marks in the white circle are "W 105 A" And the last one is the tag from the box - " Multimeter 1EA A- 6/65 36(600))17004 MA 65-6 643" Maybe this helps? Sorry about the pic quality. Thanks!!!


10 years ago

I guess you could use a voltage divider with AC, just as you would with DC. But I don't know the current draw of the meter--it might require such small resistance values that you'd need 5 or 10 watt resistors... Certainly a step-down transformer would do the trick...9V or even 10V secondaries aren't that unusual. Or a little signal generator to create an AC current at the voltage you need...

transformers your best bet, make sure it's rated for the current.

all you need is a transformer with nor rectifying circuit