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A/C a room with Peltier units.? Answered

 Would building an array of peltier units in a windows frame work to cool down a room?

This way hot air would stay outside and the inside "windows" would be cold.

Either using heatsink and multiples computer fans to throw air in room
pumping water in pipes then on the units then to a big fan.

Also, could this run on solar cells placed on the outside?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It would work, but it would be expensive, less efficient than traditional a/c systems and might not do the job.

Get a small fridge. Put it in the window frame with the radiator out, the door in. Remove the door and pop a fan inside the fridge.
If you had a 12V "caravan / RV" fridge you'd have a chance at solar-power.
If you don't like the idea of having a fridge in your window, carefully take the plumbing out of the case.


Its not practical. Peltier cells are horribly inefficient. Real A/C units are very efficient at moving heat.