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AC power source for a blinking LED ? Answered

AC power for a blinking LED ?.............how can I  power....a  single blue flashing LED (3v-3.5v, 25MA?)....from an ac power source like cell phone charger or wall wart.....for continuous use without any problems? thanks


make a diode bridge using 4 1N4007 DIODE AND Put resistance... and google it :)

power a 555 timer using your cell phone charger/ etc., configured as a free running oscillator and drive it from the output. Purchase an led designed to blink o its own. I know they make red and amber ones, not so sure about blue. add limit resistor and you're done.

Find a dc wall wart the right voltage and use that.

Find one that is over the voltage and use a voltage regulator to convert it to 3 volts.

Use the correct resistor on the led.  You can use this calculator.  There are others.