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ACOG Knex Sight??? (best answer gets a sub and 5* On Any 3 Instructables) Answered

 Does Anyone Know Of An Acog Knex sight? Best Answer Will Get Sub...


I will make one soon, but plz check out my holographic sight and red dot sight. They have a real looking reticle, a clear lens, and the reticle requires no form of energy. It is posted on one of my instructables; the semi auto vector. Just scroll to the bottom and u will see its awesomeness. https://m.instructables.com/id/Semi-auto-vector/

sorry for necroing, but try this one:

Does it have to be completely made out of K'NEX?

 ill try to build one and post it for u ... well try to post it

 I don't want zoom, just a scope...

If you're not going to use it to zoom then what's the point of having one?  It uses less parts to just make an ironsight.  It would have just as good or better accuracy.

Barrax has one on his MotaBoys intervention.

that thing may not look like an ACOG but it still has a great sight!


8 years ago

On The Jamalam's TJSR-6, there is a sight a lot like an ACOG, but you can't zoom in.

You can't make a scope like that one out of knex that is as good, you can't zoom in like you can with real scopes, unless you add special glass adjustments that are not knex at all.

 Thanks, you've all helped...Btw That wasn't a bribe it was just to get people interested!

Subscriptions and stars should not be used as bribes.


8 years ago

ill be making one for my p90

 I agree with kiteman i think it is piteous that knexers cannot just ask a question but they have to bribe to get an answer but just for the record i would suggest you google it or go to a local gun shop


8 years ago

Well, you local gun shop should have, or at least be able to get a hold of one.
If you're too young to enter a gun-shop, make a plan!

Getting it to fit shouldn't be too difficult.

Hope this helps.