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AD_PRT files Answered

I have a set of plans from this site which are in a very strange form, nothing seems to open them.
What free programme on the net opens them?
Why on earth would anyone use something so difficult.


Which instructable is the file from? It seems that file type is for Alibre CAD computer aided design software. Usually they are proprietary in format and complex to meet engineering needs. There are file converters but it depends on what you want to do with the data like process it for 3D printing, etc.

Oh great.Having paid a years subs to get these plans,I will now be asked to part with more for CAD softwear I will never use.
If this is the case and I don't doubt you in the slightest, why is Inddtructables having anything to do with this?
Is there any way round this one please?

You didn't need to pay to download files attached to an instructable, just to download the PDF version of the project write-up.

As Caitlinsdad asked, which instructable is it?

As of Fall of 2015, clicking the "download" button gives you the login screen for "pro" version which you need to pay for.

Click on the actual file. The "download" button is for downloading the whole project.

Ibles authors run the gamut from professional engineers, we even have a small particle physicist on board, to everyday folk and kids just interested in making. Authors are free to use whatever is at their disposal to share their creation.

If you could point us to which among the purported 100,000 + ibles that you have the file from, we could suggest alternatives. You could contact the original author by commenting on the ible or private message to see if he had the file in a different format. Or someone in these forums would be able to convert them for you.

That's Alibre personal edition.

Many thanks to you both for your prompt interest.
Giant Chess by Jayefue.Posted March 25,2017.FE76EUNH05N.ZIP IS ONE EXAMPLE.
I was going to make a set in muticoloured ply.

Those, if you read step 1, are files for laser-cutting the parts of the chess pieces.

However, if you look at step 2, he has included files that will open in Inkscape (which is a free download), and can be printed & cut by hand.