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Today I was shooting some targets with my SRC M16A3. All of a sudden, during a full auto burst, the gun stopped firing. Now, whenever I pull the trigger, I here this terrible whirring sound like a power drill, and the gun does not fire. I check the battery. Then, I tried to adjust the motor height, and that didn't do anything. I removed the motor from the grip to see if anything was wrong with it, and it is totally intact. Can somebody please explain to me how this problem can be fixed with minimal internal gearbox work? Because it is a sportline type gun, I don't feel that overhauling the gearbox with reinforced components would be worth the money or labor. I have a bad feeling that the bevel gear or piston may be stripped, and don't want to deal with the hassle of replacing, shimming, and re-lubricating all of the gears.


You have a bad feeling that the bevel gear or piston may be stripped. So what you need to do is investigate that.
If it needs the hassle of replacing, shimming, and re-lubricating all of the gears, that is what you'll have to do (or abandon the thing).


K. That's what I thought people would say. Just out of curiosity, should I replace the stock gears with Prometeus or Systema? I've never had to re-gear a gun, and was wondering what would be better for a standard ratio, 9.6v 3600mah setup.

I don't know enough about these guns to offer any advice on what you should buy.


So essentially you answered with all of the information that I had already given... thanks alot.

Which raises the point: why did you ask the question?


My question was "How can I fix it with minimal internal gearbox work?", not "please help me find a way to restate the given information.

If your suspicions about the bevel gear or piston being stripped you won't. I think you can answer this yourself, as you clearly know the thing pretty-well.
i.e. there's not much of an answer to expect(?)


sounds like you will need to either repair your gearbox or buy a new one. a little more info on the gun would be helpfull. If you have a low-quality wall mart plastic fantastic automatic, then dump it in the trash and get a real AEG. However, If the gun is actually worth something and is a good brand I would suggest replacing the gearbox with a full metal one. just be carefull when selecting a new gearbox that it wont put to much stress on your battery pack. One of my friends replaced his gearbox with a full metal systema version 9 with a 300% spring. the gun would rip holes in your jeans but melted his battery pack.

yes then i'd deffinantly go with a gearbox upgrade. you will probably be happier with the end result anyway.