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AGP Video card compatibility question! Answered

Would a GeForce 6200 AGP 512mb video card be compatible with my Dell Precision 350 ?


I already knew the stuff you guys mentioned (thanks), i just needed to know if the video card i intend on buying is compatible. I did some more research and my pc has a 4x slot. I am correct that 8x AGP cards are backwards compatible with 4x?

Your only major limitation is if the card needs additional power (i.e. it has a molex or other power connector on it for additional power). But the card your looking at doesn't need additional power so you'll be fine.

As for weather the system will be able to keep up with the new card... I don't see a problem. But if you still have the same 512Mb of RAM that the system originally came with you will want to add more. Though with the age of the system its really not worth either a RAM or a video card upgrade. The system is about 10 years old. Don't expect to play any games made it the last 5 years.

I have already upgraded the ram up to 1024mb for only about $11 and I don't plan on playing anything too new, probably just gta san andreas and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, possibly some other old games.
Would the card be absolutely unusable if my PSU is 50W below the recommendation? or would I just not be fully utilize its capabilities?

Almost always. The card companies don't want to loose customers so its usually the smart thing to make your new stuff compatible with older boards. After all unless someone is doing a total upgrade, next to the RAM, a better video card is the thing to upgrade. They have been doing the same thing now with PCI express. The bigger question is how much your old board can take advantage of the better card. The nice thing is now they are not out of this world expensive. Make sure your power supply can handle the extra load.


6 years ago

If it fits in the slot and is not "already been fried" it should work with the correct drivers.

Its got AGP, so I think so.