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AHHHHHHHHHHH! MIT Early Action Results Soon!!! Answered

AHHHHHHH! I'M SO NERVOUS! MIT is releasing their decision for Early Action applicants at 12 noon today X_X. My hands are shaking and I can't think straight. I thought early action was supposed to be a good thing, but all it does is make the applicant crazy the last few hours before the results are posted.... Sigh..... Perhaps I just need a haiku: Today is the day MIT is amazing Please can I get in?


Good Luck Sir!! And remember there's always ITT. ;-)

OMFSM, lucky... Good Luck :D !


10 years ago

Good luck!

Sorry! Just got home; Check out the new post!

Good Luck!! I am only a freshman but I already want to go to MIT

Josh, you get in?

You go dude! Stay calm, and just remember: IHTFP! With the motto of the hacker in mind, the force is with you.


10 years ago

Any news? Or are you too busy partying to post? :-D

Good Luck Muff, I really hope you get in!! Are the results posted on the internet?