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AIM Answered

Hey everybody, as you may know from the title, this topic is about AIM. If you ever have any questions, or just want to talk, I'm almost always at my computer, and online. My AIM screen name is Knexinnovation. And of course, we can talk knex! (Maybe find out about some projects in the making + D)



Hey Mepain! I searched you and there weren't any results.

aim is mutt291!

AIM is so pointless.

I say this because the conversations usually go like this:

nm u?
nm :P

the end.

most of my real-world conversations go much like this:

Me: I'm ambidextrous

Other: Dexter had something amputated ?

Me: It formed a colloidal solution

Other: sounds kinky.


Lemme guess, you're the "other" aren't you?

thats because 1 no one likes u 2 like mepain said ur anisocial

I don't think I am antisocial. I just don't like IM. Its boring

chucksrule15 is my screenname on aim i like aim. and you cant blame aim because your conversations suck lol


10 years ago

I want to talk to u so i am going to get AIM just for that i have MSN currently anyone wanna talk to me my E-mail adress is d.heeley@ntlword.com

whats ur MSN, i can't add you!

Have AIM yet? lol

i did have, couldent logg in, then my dad deleted it

nice job thinking of something impossible >=/

Me-sa crazy confused! Whenever i click the "make a new scrren name" button, i get taken to the AIM site, and after filling out a long and privacy-invading form, it says "the blahh blahh blahh is down, try again later." I have tried this on 4 computer's and i had the same response each time. Me-sa-thinks this is a sadistic trick from aol to never let me get a screenname! ARGGH! So... can anyone help?

I need someone to help me with my shotgun trigger because it has been over a year now and I still cant do it.

Here you go, sorry they are blurry but I took them a few months ago when my camera work was quite bad close range.

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\James Photos\KNex Photographs\DSCF0119.JPGC:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\James Photos\KNex Photographs\DSCF0124.JPG

10 years ago

o yeah I am making the utg navy seal airsoft pistol. It has a slide!!!!!!

its not going sooooooo well

heh mepain, do you have a myspace like me


10 years ago

talk about new knex ideas? ok,i want a knex gun that shoots 100 feet. REALLY. AND uses under 375 pieces. also I want it to have a mag,side covers and a pump.