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AJAX sliding down converter of units Answered

Hello all,

I was browsing, but not limited by, the food instructables and saw that all the measurements were in non-metric values.
How would it be if European members can convert cups for milliliters, for example.

It would certainly not be difficult to do, but takes some time to get it all working.
I know the theory of jQuery but never tried it, so thats why Im saying it.

It would help so incredibly much/.


Just so I understand, you want to know if the food instructables could be formatted to allow you alternative measurements in the recipes?

Interesting idea (but I'm not so sure that they'd be open to implementing it).

In the mean time, there are a number of online converters, that will give you the milliliters for the cups indicated in the recipe.

I hope that helps. :)

I used a cookery site last week that let you not only switch units, but scale quantiites of ingredients too. Very handy.

I know what you mean and I agree where they're formatted like that, they are very handy for getting the kind of measurements you want to use. IIRC, recipes quantities are entered by number in a text box, and they use drop downs to select the units (which then allows for ease of conversion).

I just can't see ibles wanting to make that change... at least not anytime soon.

I agree. While it would be easy to implement this change with the correct coding, it would require that we completely change the way people created instructables. This would be incredibly difficult, and it would only have to be required on certain food instructables. Since we want to make everything as open as possible, we just keep the create instructable area a totally blank slate and let the author do whatever they choose when editing their instructable.

so essentially, ibles has enough bugs to debug without introducing a new bug feature that introduces new features bugs and that just means more work and would jeopardize all the hard work to build a reputation by actually taking on a user suggestion...

Not quite...or maybe. I'm not sure I followed exactly what you said.

What I'm saying though, is that to add the ability to alter measurements from metric to imperial to other standards is way more complicated then I think anyone realizes.

If we just had a cooking site, it might be easier, but we also have instructables that deal in lengths, weights and an assortment of other values. We would have to figure out a non-confusing way to have people who create an instructables have the ability to add any and every sort of measurement to that instructable.

The only logical way I can think to make this happen would be to require one step of every instructable to be a materials/ingredients step. Then to have a set of fill in the blank boxes for item name, quantity and measurement style (which would have to include non-measuring types of measurements like: each, box, crate, etc.) This list is going to quickly grow to become unusable.

If we limit this list based on what category someone posts a project in, then we're limiting what someone is able to do. If we don't have the measurement type that someone uses, then we have to allow for a blank fill in your own measurement area, and we're right back to the problem of people have to convert it themselves. We also run into problems when people don't require materials or go about writing things up in a different fashion then we might expect.

There's tons of reasons this would end up being a bad idea, and only one reason it's good. It saves you me and anyone else using the site the time it takes to go to google and type “14in in cm”

Don't get me wrong though, I would love to have this feature and think it would be awesome, I just really don't think it's worth the six or more months it would take of constant coding to implement, and the errors and frustrations that would arise afterwards.

It would probably be easier to just get everyone to start using metric.

*grins, ducks, runs*

Ta daaaaaaaaaaa


A greasemonkey script to add tooltips for imperial to metric (and vice versa) conversion. Simples!

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Or you simply have a dropdown "unit conversion" menu, where people put in what they have, and it outputs what they want.

It would take a day or two to implement that. There's free code for it AFAIR - and its hardly rocket science to do for even "CUPS" - enter number of cups, enter type of material from a radio button selector "flour" "sugar"


Ta daaaaaaaaaaa

A greasemonkey script to add tooltips for imperial to metric (and vice versa) conversion. Simples!