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AM Radio Reception Answered

Any one know how to build a super antenna for pulling in AM signals from far distances i live in the boondocks and AM radio reception is lousy at best i've tried rigging up standard wire antenna and wound my own various contraptions nothing seems to pull the signal in stronger it comes in fair during the day but at night almost nothing but skipping and noise ...

Any Suggestions 



You need a wire at least about fifty feet stretched out say along side a building. That is the way we did it in the old days.

There are various antenna ibles on here that may help but you need to remember most are for TV, wifi, and other applications. You may need to do a more refined Google search spicific to AM broadcasts. I do know that the AM stations in my area are required to drop the output power they broadcast at during night time hours. I think, but don't know, that it has to do with the FCC and cross border/state lines regulations. Also it can be for cost saving mesures. Cut down on the amount of power used at night and save money. A antenna tower would most likely help regardless but your milage may vary.

I guess maybe i'll try a tower i might tear apart some old adios for the ferrite {sp} antennas and see if i can sequence them to the top of a poll I don't know if it would work but it's worth a shot .

Seems There's never enough junk radio's around when you need them !

It seems that you live in a valley. You might or not be lucky with a larger antenna.

no i don't live in a valley just way out in the sticks