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AN-94 Answered

So TheDunkis gave me the idea to build the AN94... so here it is!
It's pretty good but I fail so damn hard at (front) barrels. As you can see it don't look very great, and the worse it doesn't look like the front part of the real gun. I'll change it, and maybe post it when I chgned it, but it's such an annoying thing to build.

-To compare, compare picure 2 and 5.-


you have more photos?
I really would like to see better design
thank you

It looks good, the only real problem I can see is that the real AN-94 has a magazine that is moved several Millimeters to the right to allow the firing mechanism to work.

Looking great so far. I'm being picky, but suppose you could increase the magazine size? You can use a similar design but use white rods. I found out that these are a pretty good side for intermediate round replica magazines. I'll see if I have a picture. Right, well I found this one, you get the idea. This second one is also being a little picky but do you think you could try rounding out the grip more? Like, maybe place another layer of yellows connected to a rod below the first one, if you know what I'm saying. Probably not, I'll get a picture later.
Otherwise, the back looks great and the barrel works.


What gun is this? Because it looks sick

My Magpul PDR attempt. 'Twas always something I wish I could've made decently, but it'd have to be a slingshot to work well, that that wouldn't look as cool to have an open barrel.


Why the f*** never posted? Didn't it shoot well? I'd still made it! :o

For a multitude of reasons. I never actually loaded and fired it if I remember correctly. I never decided what I liked best for ammo given the odd magazine size. But yeah, a lot of people complained about the pin in the back of the stock, although I had no other option. The real PDR has minimal room in the stock behind the magazine, I placed the trigger literally right over the back of the magazine. Also, I think it was a project with Trauts and I wanted him to fix it up for me, but he never did.
I always did wish I could fix it up but I don't think it's happening in the near future. If you want, you could turn it into a slingshot for me, I'll give you ideas. If Jollex isn't working with me, you could even submit the results for Jammy's contest.

...For the mag release? Yup, didn't say he had to use it. Was just pointing out the magazine design.

I think I can improve the rounding, but the magazine size is OK to me.. And I think it's really hard to create a good mag well and mag catcher/release..
And the rest? Shapes are OK?
Thanks for the feedback

looks good to me! does it shoot?

Yes, it does, but I'm still modding it so it leaves that barrel ;)

still that looks awesome!

Looks great!


7 years ago


Nice gun, looks very similar to an AK-47 =D

wow. One of the best replicas yet.