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ANOTHER Rotary barrel gun project! Answered

Here's the deal:

1865 Gatling gun
Crank powered (working on it... dont worry...)
8 barrels (rotating)
WONT have a 100 round mag with working feeder (By someone who's name 
I cant remember...)
EDIT: Box mag didn't work out... Sorry guys! Stick mags it is!
Stand (NOT the whole rolling on wheels thing!!)

I want to know:
Anything I've missed?
Good/bad idea?
General opinion on a knex version?

Barrels and the crank auto mech!
*Great, my lens needs a clean...*


Don't you mean Box magazines, not "Stick."

I mean Stick magazines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyEn_xLeAwk
The gun is loaded via a stick magazine seen in the video.

Yes, but the technical term for magazines of said design is "Box Magazine," due to its design (a 5 sided, hollow, rectangular prism holding rounds in either a single row or staggered column, to be fed into the chamber of the firearm.)

You are correct, I was using the term incorrectly. I used the term 'box magazine' to refer to large capacity magazines.

Wow I'm impressed. But what's wrong with a crank? I believe the first Gatling guns were with a crank?

Nothing, crank-auto guns are stereotypically terrible, and most are.


7 years ago

it could be done...

Oh, you could probably use EB's full auto mech. Also, if you build and put an ible up, I'll build and try the wheels and a bigger mag. Oh, and what ammo?