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AR-4 v3 VS ZKAR V2 Round 2 (Personal experience) Answered

After reading knexgeek's review, I decided to build the ZKAR to see what my AR-4 was being compared against.  I can't do a side-by-side comparison because I ran out of green rods. 

Anyways, Here are the advantages of both guns over the other.

ZKAR advantages over AR-4 v3:
-Size (smaller, but weirdly uses more parts than the AR-4)
-Better trigger
-Yes, I guess it does have a nice, clean design

AR-4 v3 advantages over ZKAR:
-Range (gets a slightly better range than ZKAR with an equal amount of bands, around 5 feet better)
-Reload (While you can easily slip rods in at regular intervals on the AR-4, I find it a bit difficult to keep the ammo in before I put the pusher in on the ZKAR)
-Sturdier than ZKAR (I find that some parts on the ZKAR break after heavy use, while the AR-4 v3 is just fine)
-Farther pin pull

Now both guns have their flaws, Let's just list some of them:
ZKAR flaws:
- The back wall on the mag closest to the trigger can break off.  However, it's a good note that the bolt always touches that back wall so I guess it evens out.  It has only broken once when test firing.
- If you somehow pull the bolt back and push it forward twice, you find that it can jam and it's a pain to get it fixed.
- Sometimes the bolt breaks.  However, to be fair, it only broke during ROF tests.

AR-4 v3 flaws:
- Can't be loaded upside down (I don't see this as a major problem, and you can shoot the gun upside down, but idunno why you would wanna)
- Sometimes the bolt doesn't go into the chamber without "Help", but then you can just stick your finger in.
- A few times, the ammo completely misses the bullet lock.  This is rare though.

So I guess that's my comparison.  I do like the ZKAR and it does live up to it's rep, but I think it's all an even playing field with each gun having it's own uses on the field.

While I'm at it, here's a ZKAR v2 review (I know there is another ZKAR review, but that was for the first version)
Body structure:
Stock: 9/10.  Why: very sturdy and comfy
Handle: 7/10 Why: Sometimes pinches your hand
Trigger: 10/10 Why: Very sturdy and original
Body: 9/10 Why: sturdy, but a bit hard to build
Mag: 7/10 Why: Small chance that the rear mag wall will break off (that has only happened once to be fair)
Bolt: 7/10 Why: Works, but the bottom part that pushes the ammo up to the barrel can break after heavy use.
Overall: 8.1/10

Range: 9/10  Why: 55-60 feet with 2 bands
Accuracy: 8/10 Why: Accurate at close quarters, not so much at longer ranges
Power: 8/10 Why: puts huge dents in cardboard
Reliability: 7/10 Why: Sometimes the bolt catches on the ammo being loaded up in the barrel and causes jams.  This is rare and has only happened to me twice.  Everything else is fine.
Overall: 8/10

Final score: 8.1

Nice gun zak!


What score?  I didn't score my gun.  Go away.

Oops, I meant that the top part of the score should have an overall of 8.1, not 8.4.

Well I wasn't averaging, I was giving out my opinion on what it deserves.

And your opinion is that it deserves more than you decided to give it?

Haha, it's just a simple math mistake...

Cool, hopefully at least someone will go...

I hear crestind lives in Texas....

And I heard he lived in Canada.

Either he moved, or one of the rumors we heard was false.  Pick your Take.

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8 years ago

 Can you put as many rubber bands on your gun than you can on Zak's?

BTW, I had about 3 bands on the ZKAR (however, they were doubled up to equal 6 bands and they were also stretched further), and the ram broke despite the fact that I used duct tape.

Yup.  I actually had 6 bands on at one time.  I didn't try with more because I have sucky tape.

they are both good guns in my opinion, it depends on your style of combat really, the zkar is a better assault weapon while the ar4 is better as a general purpose weapon