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ARGH NOOO!!!! Romance[Love.Lust] = Pain!!! {suffering.unhappiness} = : ( ... Answered

As some of you may know, I've had a crush on a gal for quite awhile.
For the past while I thought I had it good, she's been awful flirty as of late, and seemed to be dropping hints all over the place. So yesterday, I mustered the courage (and resources :p) to ask her out. Guess what? I was turned down flat. I was rejected. Scorned. Publicly humiliated (I did in front of a group of friends, FSM knows why...).
Either it was adrenaline, or it was the FSM, but I didn't feel to bummed out. But now (last night, this morning) that I've been thinking about, I feel like the warm hand that stole my heart hath hurled it down and stomped upon it with an icy stiletto... WWWWAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to refrigerator and sobs*

And the problem is, in all my misery and self pity, I think it's possible that I like her even more, *sigh* what is unattainable is what a guy seeks....
WWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs back to refrigerator*
All the world is muck and gloom...

So now what? Gain her love? Forget and be miserable?


Keep trying until you either get the message or you get a restraining order ;-) Maybe next time, though, try it without an audience - she may give you the same answer, but she may also be more inclined to add a reason or two.

I could really do without a restraining order...

Yes, but I think Kiteman is correct for a couple of reasons. Who knows, maybe she felt pressure from peers, or whatever. In any case, in private, she will definitely be "more inclined" to give an answer as to why not. Doesn't mean she will or won't, it is that you have better odds that way.

I'm gonna see her tomorrow, I'll try to ask her again, wish me luck! Man I hope she wasn't listening when I described how to make a taser...

yes, good luck, remember, she is human too, and has some of the same fears, and feelings you do (she will not pull out a flame thrower and eliminate you :-) ). I would stay away from the subject of explosions and things like that LOL


I waited until we were temporarily alone (it was at the library), and asked again if she'd go out with me. She leaned in close and went all soft eye (I really thought I was gonna get smooched) on me. I leaned in and she started to whisper....

Then SLAP!!!!
Yup there I was, thinking how good life is then whamo! I got slapped Obviously my confused expression amused her, she giggled and walked off, walking very sexily away...

Yah LOL, I've been wondering what she would look like in leather with a whip in hand 8]



what happens on ibles, STAYS on ibles :]

Oh... I suppose you don't have a thing for leather? Or pointy ears?

LOL d00d!!! one of my friends has ONE elf ear... we always make fun of her for it lol so who's this chick you're diggin? she real hot or something? XD

No wonder you don't have a girlfriend...
Heck yes she's hot, and quite nice if she's not making you feel like a rotter or slapping you. You can see a real bad picture of her here. Oh yah I'm in the blue stripy shirt and I hadn't slept for days so the weird looks is called sleep deprivation...


*chokes, gags, reaches for medicine, swallows 3 large pills, convulsions slowly wear off, restoring normality...*

MAN, when you said it was a real bad picture of here, i dint know you meant THAT bad :]

LOL, muhahaha I have defeated you! Long live Trogdor Strongbad!


read on, my sorry opponent, read on...

Sounds a lot like she is what some call a "tease". Someone that likes to play with the emotions of others for her own amusement. She has a bit of maturing to do, sadly.

I agree. Leave it as a lost cause. At least you tried, so no regrets needed.

*sniff* you are right, a brief chapter of my life comes to a close. Now hopefully when I meet a another she, she has'nt read this, it would be terribly embarrassing...

What I mean by "such a one"; is someone that knows (not right away of course, but later in the relationship) what you suffered may feel compassion for you.

Well, who knows, such a one may be endeared by the contemptible way you were treated *shrug*

Bummer dude. But shes not your type. I've Just been heart broken and your not going through what I am. When you get a girlfriend and you want to brake up with her for some reason DO NOT I repeat DO NOT tell somebody to tell her that your over her. That happened to me and my heart is still broken from that. Be careful. If you found a girl that you really really fancy and you sware you wanna marry her and she fancys you back, and you two are going out she just maybe want you to feel that she likes you but she doesn't really like you nor love you she might break up with you for a stupid reason just so she can go out with some one else. It might give you suicidal thoughts. Trust me. I had gone through this and it hurts so badly. But do go out and see if you can find "her" you know she out there some where. Thanks for listening, bobbyk881

Dude I feel for ya! Girls are soooo soo confusing/amazing. I tried to forget about and get over my crush. BUT, i fancied her again. and more i think!!! WHY WHY ? girls are so complicated.

Carve her name into your liver. Nothing says love like deep organ tissue damage. Remember, it's on the right side, just below the ribcage.

Write your name in gasoline on her lawn, to remind her how much she misses you.

dont forget to light it, to symbolize the fire of your love ;]

If you just leave it unlit, it will kill the grass in the shape of your name for weeks, maybe even months. Also, stand outside her window with a boombox that is playing a track of you saying, "If we can't be together, the bomb will explode" over and over and over.

Hmm not bad... I would probably get arrested for harassment though.


10 years ago

Murder her.

Legal issues + I couldn't kill a person just because they rejected me.

*sigh* starts locating you through your IP to call the cops...

FINALLY!!! someone who has sense!!! ;]

I know how you feel my girlfriend dumped me the other day and OMG it hurt!!!!!!! There are reasons why but I shouldnt tell you. P.S. it was nothing I did to her

That aint funny man!! you have no idea!!!! she didnt leave to go with someone else!! She left for a reason that has a very sad story behind it!!!!!