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ARMY Helicopter Film Shoot Answered

My latest film project is a Helicopter crash/ Behind Enemy Lines sort of ordeal I do not want to give away too much, BUT I will bee posting how I built the Military helicopter rig I used to flip my actors upside down in the crash scene. So I will be building a 6ft x 5ft x 6ft interior of an Army military helicopter within the next few weeks, just give you guys something to look forward in seeing, since I've only posted one instructable a long while back.

~Miranda Pechon


The has been a big hole with no new Indy Mogul special effects instructables. Maybe you could do it!

Yeah I have done a few Indy films I would like to work on professional films. This was edited in 2 days and shot in three. I was suppose to have so many actors and shots in the film. The shots you described are the ones I notice as well It could have been done better and my effects editor wasn't that talented with the programs we were using. The shot with The main Character (Riley) when running down from the road was meant for a later shot and we had an alternate middle scene that had to be cut so the continuity was off. The other leg rapping was actually a reversed shot. My DP neglected to tell me that shot was on a faulty film real so I had to make due. I would have like to have done more, but I was working on trial and error techniques during a film class that was being taught poorly.
I will be doing another Military film in the next year. That one will be MUCH better!. . . My father was in the 101st Air Borne so I had some military consulting but it was mainly over the phone. My next film Child's Play has a consult and this one is being planned to the "T." I have done a few more films and a few commercials. I am also working on my Emergency Medical Technicians licence at the moment so I have been really busy with my studies other wise I would have been involved in more films. I have a Zombie one that should be released in January, I was the make up artist for that one.

I greatly appreciate your input, I enjoy learning and fixing my films for the future.

Here is the Movie:

I enjoyed the screening with no expectations. Are you film student or an aspiring indie trying to make it big time?

Just a few things: Did you have anyone with a military background review the script or consult? Not to bash on realism but applying a field dressing and running with a wound like that is kinda hokey. Did I see a shot of the bandaged knee on the opposite leg? The dialogue between the pilots was too clear, you need to mix in the engine drone and maybe filter the voices like they were talking on an intercom, choppers are noisy. Some of the after-effects could be polished up. The crash smoke column and some of the fire effects did not match the lighting making it look like an overlay. Lucky shot with the mortar being aimed. And I don't think notification of next-of-kin is ever done in the "workday" flight suit. You might want to set up where they were or going to as I did not sense they were behind enemy lines or what kind of mission they were doing to be in danger.