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AT-AT wedding cake Answered

What better way to start a marriage than an AT-AT cake that celebrates the Battle of Hoth?  Teresa Ulrich made this one for her friend, Rebecca  Dudeiros, and the results are great. It also comes with Ewok cupcakes. Wait a minute... Ewoks weren't at the Battle of Hoth!

Awesome Star Wars Wedding Cake

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ok no offense but this seems like something that you would see at a house filled with video games and anime and adozen or so empty pizza boxes and owned buy a guy that wieghs 300lbs and has acne so bad that you cant differentiate between the nose and the zits

 And he got married! thats even more awesome JK!!


8 years ago

Ooh, I want to make a taunton cake with lots of little gut-covered cupcakes spilling out of it.

I's eat that!  Mmmmm, Taunton.  I've heard they taste better than they smell.


Mmm, Taunton.

the first thing that comes to mind since ackbar is in the picture is "ITS A TRAP"

Those aren't actually Ewoks.  They're just the severed heads of all the vanquished Ewoks, kept by the storm troopers as souvenirs of their brief victory.