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ATI Radeon Diablotek 9000 graphics card? - JUST EDITED Answered

I recently recived my AIT Radeon Daiblotek 9000 graphics card. I fallowed the instructions for installation. It fit in great. When i boot my pc, i see black. I have connected the card to my monitor. So, i removed the card and tried to install the drivers. I think they installed correctly, but im not sure. I still see black wen i use the card. I have a dell dimension 2400 with windows xp and service pack 3. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just switched to a Dell Dimension 4700. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read that this cheap card still requires AGP 4x and the Dell doesn't have it. Would you check your manuals / paperwork with specific attention to the card's requirements / compatibilities?


That doesn't help. Did it come with any paperwork that has "system requirements" printed on it?
I don't think this is compatible with the Dell PC.


Well, it had a manual that said pci or agp. I have pci. But, wouldnt it have said if it wasnt compatible with dell? And plus, i think that on circuitcity.com, one of the reviews said that the person put it in a dell and it worked. I have win xp, which is on the list of minimal requirements, i have a pci slot which is also on the list, and i have a dvd-rom drive thing which is also on the list. The list im talking about is on circuitcity. Thats where i got it.

Ill read it. I couldnt find the drivers there. I think im gonna send it back.

What? I read on the site that i got it from that its a pci card. It even says on the card. Why would it be agp if it says pci?

Please check to see what the minimum wattage is required to run this card,it is very likely that your computers factory stock power supply is not up to scratch,which explains the blank screen "Ya dunna have enough power captain!"
I had to replace my stock 450watt psu with a 650watt unit when I installed my new graphic's card. Dell will never install a psu more powerful than is absolutely needed to run their stock machine.Swapping out power supplies are a pain the $&%&^&! just make sure you dont miss reconnecting any of the wires .
good luck

I couldnt find it, but ill check again. Maybe ill just send it back or somthing. Wish me luk!

search diablotek 9000 spec's, no problem.

easier way, look at your current psu and buy a new psu that output's at least 100watts more than your current one.If your not sure look on net for spec's on your dimension 2400,you find the info you need.
good luck

well, the 2400 is lik 200 or 250 so i got enough power. I recently went to a 4700 though. Just now actually. Wish me lcuk with this one.

curious? the 2400 has a 250watt psu, what was the min required by the graphic


7 years ago

Did you de-activate the old on board graphics card? If not, you'll get a black screen.
Also, double check and make sure your cable and power cords are plugged in and properly connected.

It automatically de-activates. The display works fine.

What do you mean the display works fine? You said the screen is black.
As for automatically de-activating, I don't think so.
Before you install the card you should disable the Intel Graphics by going to the device manager and selecting "Do Not Use This Device - Disable" in the Device Usage menu at the bottom of properties.

Well... when i use the card, the screen is black but when the card isnt in it and i use onboard, it works fine. I read that it automatically does, but ill do what you said. Am i supposed to see the card in device manager?

Shut it down and remove the ATI card, reboot and open Device Manager, find the Intel graphics card card and disable it. The computer will switch to the low res VGA. Shut down, install the ATI and then reboot. It should recognize the new card if you have properly installed the drivers.

I dont know if the drivers are installed right, how do i install them MANUALLY? The .exe doesnt really seem to help. THANKS!

Do as I said above, if the drivers need to be re-installed, Plug and Play will detect that and ask you to insert the CD with the drivers on it, then just follow the instructions on-screen.

I couldnt get it to work. SAD! what should i do now? Maybe if i install the drivers then shut down and install? IDK! The instructions said theres a thing on the cd for an easy install, but there isnt. Just folders wit files for the drivers. I, did find a setup.exe in the xp folder, but it says that it cant find the hardware/software required for the driver. If i insert the card, it says that also... If i insert it wen pc is on. Which i think isnt a good thing.. but the card fan spools up and stuff so i think maybe my pci slot is bad. maybe i try wat u said but with a different slot. wml (wish me luck) And PLESE KEEP HELPING!

ok. ill try that. be bak soon.
wml (wish me luk)

. Make sure that your card and monitor are set to the same specs (refresh rate, HxW, &c). Verify that you are using the right cable(s) and that the card and monitor are set to use them.

I dont even know how to change the settings for my card. The cables are fine. If i remove the card, the onboard graphics work great. I even tried a different display. Maybe i should use a different slot. All i know is that it doesnt reckignize the card... like... nothing pops up or sumthin like thet... anyway. PLEASE HELP!