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AT&T Pantech Matrix says invalid card. How do I get it to work again? Answered

I was board on a long road trip so I tried to hook my iPod touch up to my Pantech Matrix via Bluetooth. It asked for my phones password but I didn't have one so I went in to set one up. I tried to exit but it asked for my SKU number. I didn't know what it was so I kept guessing and then it said invalid Sim card. What do I do?


Quercus austrina

Best Answer 8 years ago

You locked yourself out of your phone by making it think you are not the rightful owner (too many attempts at the SKU number, which you can find on your box or paperwork). The best way to get it fixed is to take it to the nearest AT&T corporate store. They are listed on-line. Forget using phoneline help or other on-line hacks. Just go to the store and let them handle it.

My phone had a similar situation (not my doing, they admitted it was their screw up) and I tried the phoneline help - no dice. Took it to the store and got everything back up and running. I won't try any other route but the corporate store.


**Corporate store is just that, a store owned by AT&T and deals in only AT&T services and products. If the store you go to has other carriers, it is not a corporate store.

DBModsQuercus austrina

Answer 8 years ago

Thanks so much. I took my phone in to the at&t store today and they fixed it free of charge.


8 years ago

That's peculiar - try removing your sim card and replacing it?