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ATV Headlights acting up! Answered

Hey everyone, I bought my 2001 warrior this summer (yes thats where 2001warrior came from) anyways it has been giving me some issues with the headlights. The headlights work great in lowbeam but when I put them in highbeam my left headlight goes out! does anyone have any suggestions to what I should do?


hey , my friend has a warrior and his left head light is always going out and flickering, so I think it might be something with the atv , or yamaha just didnt do the wiring right in the factory

. My first guess is that the high beam element in the left lamp is burnt out. An ohmmeter will tell you. . It could also be the switch or, as others have mentioned, a grounding problem (although the fact that both low beams work leads me to believe that the ground is probably OK).

. Come to think of it, the lamps are probably wired in parallel, so the switch is most likely good. The wire/connection from the left high lamp to the right high lamp may be bad. . Still got my money on a burnt element.

Check the wires and all connections between power source and headlight. I'll bet a wire is loose.

Yes, it sounds like an earthing problem. I had a similar fault with an old VW (the headlights blinked out when the indicators came on, so it was orange-white-orange-white), It turned out that the headlight's earth connection (to the bodywork) was poor. It was eventually cured by running an earth connection all the way back to the battery.