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ATi (AMD) GPU Problem Answered

I recently recieved an XFX Radeon HD 6850 card after reluctantly switching from nVidia. My previous card was an MSI N8400GS 512MB DDR2, and wasn't up to spec with the latest games. I installed teh card using standard procedures (grounding myself, carefully removing and inserting cards etc. I have determined it isn't a problem with my setup or power supply, as my system specs exceed all of those required by the card. The only one it didn't meet was PCI-E x16 2.1, mine is on;y 2.0, but I'm told it is backwards compatible, and it wasn't listed as a requirement (only pci-e x16). I have installed the drivers from the ATi website, and uninstalled my old ones. The crd does not run hot at any time, so overheating isn't a problem.

The problem is I sometimes heat interference on the headphones, even though I'm using a separate sound card. I also get digital interference on the screen (I'm using DVI). When I try to put any kind of stress on the card (run-in tests, benchmarking, or gaming), the display driver stops responding multiple times, the interference increases, and sometimes the system halts and I have to reset. I can't think of any good reason for this problem other than a faulty card, but I bought it brand new @ factory sealed, with no modifications or over clocking. Any idea what the problem might be?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I'd guess you got a bum card, also. It happens sometimes.

The car is in to way bad. I paid £120 for it and it's perfectly capable of playing games. Also, the problem Isn't happening sometimes, it happens every time I try o do any kind of gaming or stress tests.

what temp is your gpu running at?.what does this digital interference look like?,what is the output on your psu and what checks have you done to determine it not about to fail?


My GPU runs at around 35 idle and 39 under load. It also has a dynamic fan, so I guess that helps keep it pretty even. I know my PSU is fine as it only a few months old, my BIOS checks the power outputs as part of the startup checks (It beeped like crazy with my old card because it drew too much power from the motherboard). I also calculated that my system has at least 300-350W free, which is plenty for the card.

The interference is just as any other digital interference would be, although the lines are always horizontal (probably because the display is progressive?). Unlike analogue interference, they come out in definite colours as individual pixels. They also only appear in strips, there is never a random pixel. The interference also comes out on screenshots, indicating it is definitely a problem with the graphics card rather than EMI on the cable or a problem with my monitor. I have attached a a screenshot of a strip of this interference on my desktop background. Unlike stuck pixels, I can usually make them disappear just by making the GPU change that area (by moving another window over it and removing it).

Another interesting thing, I played Microsoft Flight Sim X for half an hour yesterday at 1920x1080p60, highest detail, and it was fine (not even any interference, so hopefully not a hardware problem?), yet whenever I try TF2, I get a lot more interference than usual and when I get to the actual game, the display driver crashes, then the game either crashes and the driver recovers, the system halts, and sometimes it even BSODs.

I have contacted XFX support, and they have been very helpful,a lthoguh their suggestions of trying it in another PC, using a driver sweeper to completely remove nVidia drivers, and reinstalling the ATi driver from the XFX website haven't had any affect on it.

I still hear the audio interference on webpages, and I occasionally get the digital interference (although it mostly seems less frequent, I always seem to have it on startup though). I also sometimes get a random display driver crash.


Oops, the JPG compression smoothed out the digital interference in that image so it looks slightly more analogue. The pixels are more definite than that, I'll try saving as a lossless PNG instead an uploading to a different website here. The background isn't supposed to be black either, it's my desktop background.