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A/V cables (Now RCA Inputs/Outputs) Answered

I'm making a 3 way switcher on the cheap (of course) and was wondering if the negative wires of each plug could be put together (Left/Right/Video) and be hooked up to the same terminal. I would think so, as long as the positive wires were kept separate. Would it be alright to do it this way?
Thanks :)

Here's what I ended up doing... just hooking the wires up to each input/output on the corresponding terminals of each. Each set (Red/White/Green. Yes, I used green... it doesn't really matter though, just pretend it's yellow :) ) needs 6 wires to be hooked up to them and then soldered onto the terminals of the others. Or in my case I soldered 6 wires onto each set, installed the rca units into the casing, and then soldered the correct wires together and taped them up to prevent them from touching each other. Pretty much a basic set-up.

As you can see in the photos below, I haven't gotten around to finishing it up to make it look nice, but it does work very nicely (as long as you only have one input on at a time). If you're as fortunate as I was and land a nice deal like this, you can do pretty much whatever you want to do with them :) I've already got my monies worth just by making this, since the cheapest three way switcher around here is about $12, and this is a 7 way splitter (since it's not switchable) and I still have 52 more sets left.

In the photo showing the back of the unit, you can see a small hole in the upper left corner. I was going to place a switch the so that the speaker could be turned on and off, but I didn't think the speaker would fit back in, so I misplaced it. I realize now that it will and I'll probably reinstall it and hook it up to a switch.

I may even hook up some stereo jacks (taken from an old junk laptop) into either the left or right channel when I get around to it.


For a 3 way, I would keep the shield separate for each of the signals. Just tie them directly from the source to both exits and switch the signal line. This would prevent cross traffic.