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AVG,Avast,Enviro, free anti virus programs and My Pc is 256memory, which one should I choose? Answered

I currently have Mcafee, and it makes my PC run like a snail and is always having fix its and problems and always saying not protected and then I click it and have to wait ages again to it to protect again and I cant use my pc in that time.

It takes ages to load up and shut down. I have been getting Advice from another site of this to.

I currently pay a subscription to Mcafee monthly for these updates but it seems to be hogging my PC up.

I looked and noticed that AVG is a bigger program then MCafee.

My husband has AVG and yet his PC is same as mine, 256 memory as well, but his runs faster.

Now I have given you the details of my problem above. My question below.

If I change from Mcafee to AVG, will my PC run even slower then now?

Or maybe I should try Avast instead then which I think is smaller.

Anyone one out there who can advise me which to go for?




8 years ago

For a Windows based OS, use Microsoft Securtity Essentials. Its free,and it works well on older PCs.
You can find it at  microsoft.com.


8 years ago

I use "comodo internet security". Works great for me and it's free also. Don't like AVG or Avast. Have has problems running them both in the past. Might just be me.