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AVR Programmer Answered

I am building a  AVR Programmer refering from site : http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/

So Please can any body give the  .Hex   file to burn my Atmeg8( the on AVR circuit board).
Would be a great Help to me  !  !

Thank a lot -

Akshay Jadhav


can this programmer burn at89c2051? are they compatible?

What do you want the chip to do? I guess you need to write up your own program or find one that does what you need. Then whatever software you use to interface with the chip can burn the hex file on to the chip through the usb connection.

try the readme.txt file or do research on how to program an avr, plenty of info to read up on.

Thank You ! !
will give a search on Youtube Video Tut's ! :)

Thank You -
Akshay Jadhav


6 years ago

The firmware is prominent on the project page.

You're building this without even looking at that page? (The URL in the drawing?)

So I did download that from the site But I don't know which File to acctually Burn From That pack.

I Downloaded This :  http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz 

So Please guide me with a small Tutorial , Like which File file to select from it and then which Software to use For Burning.

You can unzip the tar.gz? Good.

From the readme file:


Flash "bin/firmware/usbasp.atmega88.xxxx-xx-xx.hex" or
"bin/firmware/usbasp.atmega8.xxxx-xx-xx.hex" to the used controller with a
working programmer (e.g. with avrdude, uisp, ...). Set jumper J2 to activate
USBasp firmware update function.
You have to change the fuse bits for external crystal (see "make fuses").
# TARGET=atmega8 HFUSE=0xc9 LFUSE=0xef
# TARGET=atmega48 HFUSE=0xdd LFUSE=0xff
# TARGET=atmega88 HFUSE=0xdd LFUSE=0xff

So you need:
-- the file bin/firmware/usbasp.atmega8.xxxx-xx-xx.hex
(the xxxx-xx-xx part is a revision or date code)

-- a simple working AVR programmer (like a DAPA ISP programmer).

-- AVR programming software like avrdude.
 avrdude can also program the fuse bits.

The avrdude programming commands are also in the readme.

Thanks a Lot ! !
I am still with soldering process, will complete it soon and move on to Burning.

If any further Help needed will try and ask you , please Help me If possible.

Thank You -
Akshay Jadhav