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AVR development Answered

Looking to get into programming AtMel AVRs and i would like to know if anyone can suggest a development board that ain't Arduino for getting started with. I've heard good things bout the STK500, but can't find one to buy anywhere. Also I've added some pics, answers to those questions would be brilliant.


I have this:
it works pretty good, you just need a connector for something like a breadboard so you can connect it to you avr.

Mine works perfectly (and I'm the guy wh has had problems with a bunch of different programmers, and this one worked for me, yay, what a feeling it was).

It's extremeley low cost, yet it's just a programmer, not a development board.

another downside is that you have to use avrdude directly, but I wrote a batchfile that makes if very simple if you would like it.

I think you wasted money: the ghetto programmer does all of that... Also, instead of "using avrdude directly", just use make ;-) You shoul dbe able to use it with AvrStudio or something like that... its just DAPA...

Thats great, thanks for the suggestion, can anyone answer any of the questions on the pictures and/or suggest development boards etc.

refering to the second image: It's just a programmer like the ebay link I posted, all it does is program the AVR refering second picture: Yes, but you need stuff like a crystol. don't get an arduino, get a clone or a boarduino, they're more veritile and cheaper, but you can't use shields with them...

If i was buying it would be a freeduino or boarduino. I said arduino because thats the name of the interface, freeduino etc. are just variations. But thanks.


10 years ago

Re: STK500--
why two of these?

One serial interface is for the on-board programming chip, the other can be connected to the RXD and TXD serial pins of the target AVR. So you can test serial comm links on the proto board...

USB available?

Not on the STK500. But the AVR Dragon has one. Here's an instructable about the Dragon. They run about $50--although you have to add a ZIF socket yourself (not included.) They also have a built in JTAG interface (for AVRs w/ 32K memory or less), which was a $200 add-on for the STK500. The Dragon also supports the new one-wire debug interface for certain AVRs.

The Dragon is USB powered, also. The STK500 needs a separate wallwart (not included.)

Either board can program external boards with the right cables... I have both an STK500 and a Dragon.

and sparkfun.com has several cheap AVR dev boards, but none of them would be an all-in-one type.

What guyfrom7up wrote is perfectly valid--you don't need a fancy protoboard. Just a simple ISP programmer and a solderless breadboard....

Heck -- use ghetto programming!!! Its not USB, but its under $5 :p

Heck -- use ghetto programming!!!
Its not USB, but its under $5 :p

I still use my home-built parallel port DAPA cable more often than the Atmel boards.

But parallel ports are rapidly becoming extinct...

That's nice and all, but I'd spend the 10 bucks to get a real, no it's working programmer.


10 years ago

> Can the ATmega168 be coded whilst int board and then removed and implemented in a circuit?

Yes, you can do this. There is a fair amount of discussion on the topic in the Arduino forums. The arduino board itself has the USB/Serial converter, the crystal, and convenient connectors and such. All you really need to operate the chip elsewhere is the crystal and appropriate reset circuitry.