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Aarrghghgh!!!!! Why does the universe hate me?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!? Answered

I think the universe has something against me. On Sunday my computer's wireless card suddenly stopped working, and this was about a week after I fixed my touchscreen. So I took apart my laptop (again) and checked the connections and they were fine so I had no clue what it was. I tried connecting my computer to the server with a wire and for some reason my computer had a multiple server problem because my computer was not connected but others were. My dad did finally connect it but when he adjusted it a little, it disconnected and didn't re connect. Then, suddenly, on Tuesday after having my computer plugged into the server for a few hours, I unplugged it and moved it to my room and I noticed something, I was still connected to the internet, it was weird. So suddenly, for some reason, the wireless card came back on. Then on Thursday, my wireless card died again, so when I turned on my computer after school, it didn't connect to the internet. So now today, Friday, I plugged in my computer to the internet and it wouldn't work. At first I thought it was the multiple server problem again so I plugged in my computer directly to the server, and it didn't work. At this point I had to work hard to prevent myself from pulling my hair out in clumps because I was so frustrated. So after a while my dad came home and he couldn't connect to the internet either but it was because the plug I pulled out to connect my computer was the one that connected to his computer. So right after I pulled my plug out and put his in, literally a millisecond afterword, the yellow-green activity light started to light up and flash on the thing that accesses the internet. So I check with both of my mom and dad and both of their computers just got connection to the internet, one was a laptop, one was a desktop, this was the point at which I thought I did something to upset the universe. So now I am posting on the wire from my laptop. Any ideas on what is causing it, any? My computer is an hp tx1320 with vista home premium and please help me!!!! EDIT: it is fixed, sent it in to HP a long time ago, no need to bump this up so don't comment.


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hmm. I wouldn't look at that site and say "oh, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!"

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the problem is that your computer is an HP

sorta figured that out a while back. Really the problem was with the model, it overheats and has a lot of gliches

man, I have more haters than you have.

nah, I just had one, but it was so big. But things are better now

boot it + the server with linux live CDs and try to connect them (dhcpd on server + dhcpcd on laptop) if it works then your problem is software. format the computers and install OS from scratch (and dude at least upgrade your vista to XP) i did not understand whats the multiple server problem. if its related to automatic IP then go to network connections - the connection - properties - somewhere there - obtain IP automatically. disable it on both computers and give them manual IPs and see if they can ping each other now

Many people refer to it as an upgrade...

anyway, just get a usb wifi adapter

It's still covered under the warranty though so I am probably just going to send it in.

shhhh.... I just took the cover off of the wireless card, a 5 year old could do it. Also the wireless card is located right next to the fan and that is where the heat is the worst so the heat is probably causing it.

oh, i thought you took the whole computer apart, it's ok if you take the cover off of the wireless card, RAM, or hdd

this may be a software problem and not hardware. try to make it work in another independant OS booted from CD

Forget the OS, that is not the problem. I really only want to know the problem with the wireless

There, there...the Universe doesn't hate you. It doesn't even know you're around, constructed as you are of just 10-36th of its material(*). You are a billionth smaller part of the Universe than a single atom is of you :-)

Doesn't that make you feel better?

(*) Using a diameter of 9.3×1010 ly and a mean density of 10-29 g cm-3, nearly all hydrogen, there are about 5×1036 [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mole_(unit) moles] (6×1027 atoms) in the concordance-model Universe. An adult human contains about 5 moles of hydrocarbons and water.

> (6×1027 atoms)
. 6×1023 atoms/mole (Avogadro's constant)?

. 6.022,141,79×1023, according to Wikipedia. 6 is close enough for me.

Good catch! (You too, bupmus :-). That's what I get for typing stuff I know from memory, instead of double checking. Plank's constant (h) is 6.6 x 10-27 erg/s, which is probably where I stole the "27".

. <shrug> What's a few orders of magnitude amongst friends. ;)
. hmmm 6.66×1027 Scary ok. So I cheated on the rounding


9 years ago

my laptop is so old it dosnt have built in wireless... also,that connection thing happened to me too with wired only,the orange-white was cut but it worked and then it cut out for a week,the laptop was sitting there sending packets that dont get answers

my laptop is less than 1 year old

1. Haha, computer pros have to laugh at users. Please do not be offended. 2. For anyone to try to figure this out, What do you mean by connecting to the server? What do you mean by multiple servers? How are you connected and what is the topology of your network? Do you have any routers in place or are you doing internet sharing? Are you on cable modem, DSL, dial-up? How are you connecting the computers? Do you normally connect to the network wirelessly and on your ethernet cable? Probably lots more questions but it all worked normally before you had fixed your touchscreen?

  • Plugging a CAT5E cable directly into the part that wirlessly connects to the laptops.
  • Having one server that connects to the main server. For some reason my computer would connect to the one server then connect to the main one but would not connect to the internet.
  • not sure
  • I guess I have a router
  • comcast cable. My dad says that comcast sometimes dissapears.
  • A cable that says CAT5E at the end
  • normally wirelessly or I wouldn't be complaining about it.

Well, I would lose my internet connection occasionally but it was the first time the wireless card totally dissapeared. Appearantly the former is common with my computer model.

I'd like to clarify what you mean by server. What you should have is a comcast cable modem box. It has a coax or cable wire going to the wall. Your router is a separate box connected to the cable modem with a short Cat5E cable. It should have a few ports or places to plug in more Cat5 cables. This router may also have the electronics to be a wireless access point for computers to connect wirelessly. It may have antennae sticking out from it. You mom and dads computers are connected to the router by Cat5 cable directly. Your wireless card built into your laptop connects to your wireless capable router by searching for a signal configured by the settings on the router. The laptop has to also get the network settings and an ip address in order for your laptop to be allowed to use the network. So, there can be problems hardwarewise again with your laptop's wireless card, the network configurations on your laptop, interference with your wireless signal, configuration on the router, etc. Now what do you mean by connecting to a server? Is it another pc you have on the network or do you mean by being able to connect to the router?

. Maybe this will help. When everything seem to be going wrong for me, it helps put things into perspective.

misleading topic name =P
I would change it for a better response

its a pet peave of mine you attract the wrong viewers, like me

You have got to admit though,I am having the worst luck ever

but bad computer luck would be a better title and it still implies bad luck and gets the right readers to read your topic