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Abominable Snowman Material Suggestions Answered

Hello fellow instructable-ists. My wife and I are planning on making Halloween costumes this year from Monster's Inc and we're struggling for some ideas on how to create the fur for my character, The Abominable Snowman. His fur(?) is really soft and fluffy looking, and in my opinion, one of the best things about his character. For the life of me, however, I can't seem to think of anything that would look similar to this. I've thought about using white fur, but it would have too much of a shaggy effect instead of a puffed marshmallow look. I also thought about using a ton of cotton balls that were pulled apart and combed or something, but that doesn't seem like it would work either.

If any of you have suggestions that I could try, I'd be very grateful. I've put this costume off for long enough, it's time I get it done.


With winter near, they have the chenille fleece throws out on sale. They have the soft furry texture but you are paying for a finished product to salvage for raw material to make your costume. I really haven't seen this material at the fabric store.

I was going to suggest polyfil too.

Some kind of kitchen scrubbie? Go to one of those big warehouse fabric stores and see if anything inspires you. Specifically, the upholstery section.

I once did a mane for a child's lion costume by using a large needle to add pieces of brown yarn onto the hood of a yellow sweatshirt. I cut pieces of yarn, twice as long as I wanted and threaded them through a needle that accommodated it. I pulled the yarn through the fabric and then threaded it out of a new hole next to the first one, leaving the ends of the yarn on the outside. The yarn, when brushed, got shaggy, kind of like this. I am thinking this might give you the look you are going for, though it would take a lot of work applying the yarn to a large costume.

To see if that's the look you're after, tie together a few lengths of scrap or excess yarn and brush it out. It's much easier with a bristle brush I've found. Then see what you think of the texture.

I really like this idea. I'll definitely try it out. Thank you very much! This one sounds really promising.

To update everyone on the other ideas, I tried the polyfill and it falls apart as it's combed. The sheepskin doesn't fall correctly and didn't comb through as well as I thought it would.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I don't know why I didn't think of that! I even have some sitting in my closet. I'll take a look at that and see if it can be "combed" to look like his fur.

Anyone else have any ideas that I can try while I'm at it?

How about a cheap nylon fake sheepskin rug? Brush it through, and it should stand up with static.

I'll give that a shot too. (I wonder if they're gonna look at me funny when I walk into the store with a comb to test this out...)

Look or ask for "polyfill", it's the sort of white synthetic fibres that people stuff soft-toys with.