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About "Ynze" as my username... Answered

Hi all,

I'm curious about how my username is conceived by the crowd on Instructables, because my guess is that it must be hard to pronounce and remember by non-dutch visitors (a bit over 99% of Instructables' population).

I chose ynze as a username because I couldn't come up with something better. Ynze is also my first name, and even for a lot of native dutch speakers, it's hard to pronounce.

So, I'm just curious about the way you experience my username. Your comments will be appreciated!

UPDATE, July 22nd: I will not change my username. It turns out the name can be interpreted in many different ways, and just that is enough for me to keep it! Thanks a lot to the commenters!





I have to say, the ninja-like pronunciation is great :)

Hey Ynze,
Als ik Ynze zou heten zou ik ook overal mijn eigen naam gebruiken. No matter how everyone pronounces it ( I'm called Rund in Japan).
I'ts a first grade google search name!
Mooie MP3 trouwens

Mentally, your name always comes out as Ynci.

Ynci is a very cool, but female.

(By the way, did you know that a google search for Ynze reveals your profile as #1 hit.)

wow, that incited (insighted, incsited... (o yeah, its a french dictionary installed, wont tell me which is correct) me to google Schumi23 (from a computer not belongiong to me, in france (Saying this to give you an idea for the info google knows).
Instructables in the third result for me, and the second is me on a french site (that I have never used.)
However, the first result is a youtube channel from someone by the same nick who hasd been on youtube before I acquired this nick... Wonder how it is that he has the same nick (I got this nick idea from a friend to find each other on a game (Brothers In Arms 3 on i-phone (He was Schumi21 another friend was Schumi22)


Number 1 on a Google search is always cool :) One good reason to keep the username. When I do a Google search (from a dutch IP-adress). My Instructables-account is listed as number 3...

Ynci the Warrior Princess is interesting! She can refer to my female other half. I don't mind being a little androgyn...

In many cultures, especially Asian ones, you may be named after an animal or born under the horoscope signs depicting animals. It is fortuitous that you do take on the characteristics of those animals. So any resemblance or similarity in what your father chose as nicknames for each?

I wonder the same about my username, it was an old nickname a long time ago, and no one uses it so I don't have to remember different user names for each website :D

If you are wondering, is it like dombeef as in dominic the beef - beefy guy - strong guy in the family, or dom with the beefy head as in thickskulled - meathead, I wouldn't really worry unless your real name is Fredo. Was your favorite meal corned beef but just called it dombeef? Are you Canadian and it was a reminder of "There's dombeef in my poutine, wtf?" Are you vegan, "That was dombeef for Thanksgiving dinner? Yum!" "Dombeef, Hamburger Helper again?" Did you have some stupid argument - dumb beef making one of the parties a dimwit?

Cool username, don't change a thing.


If you're just asking, is it like insie as opposed to an outie?(English or American slang reference to the shape of one's bellybutton). Is it some kind of ancient tool or implement like an adze? Does the NZ maybe have a kiwi reference and infer New Zealand? Some variation or abbreviation of Yangtze River in China?

Cool name, nothing wrong with it.

You just earned a patch for this. It's monday morning over here, and I'm having big fun! Thanks!

You're on thin ice here. "Danke" is _German_, not dutch.

You're very welcome. Alsjeblieft.

Vincent van G.

Amsterdam it. I stand corrected.

And Arnold S. was born in Austria...



Is this like "Jesus"? (sounds similar and I'm known as such even though my name and face are nowt like these days..)


I don't really care about names, it's what people say that matters, let op!

can you tell us how it's pronounced phonetically?

That's gonna be fun: A dutch guy trying to explain how a name is pronounced in english :)...

I think "Eenzuh" is the closest: "Ee" as in New Zealand, "z" as in zebra, "uh" as in the.

Just to be sure, listen to the audio-file. I had fun with Audacity :)


Y. ("Ee")

Sounds like it rhymes with ninja....wait, that tree moved....

So, 'Ynze' is actually a name?

To be honest, I thought you'd made it up, based on people saying (unkindly) of you "he whines a lot" - or maybe that that was one of your 'favourite' expressions... ;-)

as a result, that's how I tended to think of it.

However, a quick of-the-top-of-my-head, ill-informed thought would be something more like "Insh", but with a slightly harder/firmer 'sh', which might warrant a z, as in 'szh'.

Truth is, I've really no idea how to pronounce your name, sorry.

Thanks! No reason to be sorry, I just wanted to know how the word ynze is experienced by native english speakers. Very clarifying!

is it pronounced yarnze??