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About how long is 10 mb of vedio on a 5mp camera? Answered

On instructables I tried uploading a vedio, but there was a 10mb limit.



Best Answer 7 years ago

To upload a video, you'll need to host it on a service like youtube. It's free and you can host virtually unlimited (legal) content.

From there, when you get a video, you can EMBED that video as a code in your instructable.
Rationale: Video is HUGE. Instructables can't afford to host video content as the bandwidth cost would sink instructables. By keeping video off-site, they allow the free service to bear the cost.

Yes and i would do that except i forgot to mention that my parents lock down my computer and so i can't go on youtube.

Tell them it's for a good cause - not just for surfing youtube. Sharing information is the mark of a truly advanced society.

+1. If you give them a good reason, they can post it for you.

Or you could ask a friend to post it on your behalf, or borrow their less-restricted machine long enough to upload it yourself.

If you're trying to do something legitimate, there's usually a way to get it done. Think outside the box.

Heavily compressed, and depending on the format you choose, you're looking at about 30 seconds. Do as frollard suggests and upload it to youtube or other hosting site.

What would happen if you took a video of a completely still field ?