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Abuse of "Instructables" Answered

The term "instructable" seems to have penetrated the public conciousness enough that people can appropriate the word to try and make themselves look legitimate.

I came across this video on YouTube. It's a referral scam, but it calls itself an instructable!


I have informed the user - (Link: http://uk.youtube.com/user/3ZCASH4U ) about his offence, but have had no response.

Maybe other members would want to give him a piece of their mind?

(I didn't have a associated image, so I've included this sneak preview of my next papercraft Instructable...)


I might have pushed the envelope a little more myself....grrrrr...

If I'd sworn, or made threats, that would have been excuse enough for the posts to be removed. Subtlety, see?

Hmm, posts? Oh, I meant the Scam video.....did I miscommunicate (or am I missing what you mean? ).

Oh, I thought you meant you would have posted more scathing comments about the scam.

Yeah, I just wondered out loud when they (YouTube) would remove a scam, or whether they required a legal suit against them, before they acted.

I didn't know if that was implying too much or not, though.

"Instructables" is trademarked. And Youtube is fairly proactive (sometimes ''too'' proactive, imo) about responding to DMCA take-down notices. If the staff here considers the video infringement, they should disappear quickly...

Cut it out, Bumpus. Seriously, I'm really tired of all your disgusting jokes. Just quit.

I don't even get how you could think that's dirty...You're the one who needs cut it out and let up, Adrian. That was a simple joke against Brits, something extremely common around Kiteman.

I assumed he was referring to this(I tend not to take what he says at face value if it doesn't make immediate sense, and assume it has a double meaning).

A condom band? It still makes no sense.

"I tend not to take what he says at face value if it doesn't make immediate sense, and assume it has a double meaning"

Then you can't be so quick to lash out at people.

Within the last week alone, bumpus has made a number of dirty joes to or at me, including one particular one a couple of days ago about male anatomy.
It is not unreasonable to assume that this might be similar. His wink being suspicious, and the google results when I search it being what they are, it all sure looks like that was what he was saying.

Don't judge me. My standards are high, and I make no apologies for that.

I'm not judging you, but if you're going to have high standards, you better be willing to make sure someone really is making a bad joke before chastising them. Just because he made some bad jokes (in your opinion) before, doesn't mean all of his are.

I am willing to try to make sure of what he means. Looks like I made a mistake this time, and I regret that, but I really did try. As I said, not running in the same circles as use that humor, I checked "teh Google". Seriously, I searched to see what he might mean, and came up with that. I'm doing my best here. And I used to just assume that of course any joke he made he meant in an innocent way-until I got burned a couple times. :-\ I've also ignored cracks of his before, because I wasn't certain. As I said, I'm not just picking on bumpus, nor do I assume all his jokes are bad. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, just that a lot of times he jokes that way.

Ladies! Please, Adrian just slipped up.. Stop being so defensive..

Thanks, Bumpus. I'm sorry for the mixup.

The "Stop being so defensive.." was also directed at you.

Quite Right. (This would be so much funnier if you could hear me speaking with a british accent)

I agree, if everything has its limits, this topic should too. It wasn't a dirty joke. W'Burg, it would seem you make good choices sometimes (DJ Radio for mod? Seriously?)

What? How did you get a disgusting joke out of that? It was supposed to be a crack against UK terms..

I thought you were playing on the term "rubber". You mean you weren't? If that's the case, I apologize.

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Which one of you is the reeal Dirty Dan?

it would be funny kiteman if you had a whole collection of fetish videos in your favorites, like old ladies smoking. people farting, kittens acting cute, things like that.

i said "Spam. Straight up."

It's possible that he had posted it as a video on instructables, but our editors have since removed it, meaning that when he put the video up, it was about to be a (video) instructable.


9 years ago

you are the langfords?

Yes, it's not secret, just not bandied about.

Have I shown you my latest trick with an elastic band?

The kids call it point and shoot.

Yes, that was a threat ;-)

Flaged as infringes a copyright

Has anyone hit the "flag" button yet?