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Academic Research on the DiY Community Answered

Hi Everybody:
My name is Ben Shultz and I'm a PhD student in Geography at the University of Tennessee (check out my department's page here: http://web.utk.edu/~utkgeog/grads_home.htm).

Just wanted to post here one more time to ask you to participate in my short survey for research I'm conducting on DiY communities. It takes less than ten minutes, is completely anonymous, and is for academic research only. Many of you already have participated and really appreciate it! If you haven't yet, below is a little blurb about my study.

Link to survey: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/131093/a9nnw

Thanks for your time and happy Mother's Day!

In academics we have traditionally viewed innovation and creativity from the perspective of a large corporation. But we have overlooked the incredibly innovative and creative ideas that come out of the DiY community.

With its substantial web presence and an ethos based on sharing and repurposing knowledge, the DiY movement changes how and where innovations come about. Rather than protecting innovations or charging for access, the DiY community freely reveals designs from start to finish on the Internet. The non-hierarchical, open manner in which creative media are produced in this setting democratizes the innovation process and opens creative pursuits to a geographically distributed public.

As part of my research, I'm conducting a simple web-based survey to get an idea of where makers are (I'm in geography after all!), how they share knowledge, and what influences their creative endeavors.

With my dissertation, I plan to reciprocate the DiY ethos and keep my research as open as possible. I am keeping a blog of all my research progress, including write-ups and aggregated results, and inviting anyone interested to use the information. You can check out my blog, DiY Dissertation (http://diydissertation.blogspot.com). I hope to offer you back useful and interesting information on both the research process and the DiY community.



9 years ago

Sounds cool. Why do you have to be 18 to take the survey though?

Hi Gjdj3: Good question. I have to put that in there because of the university's research policies. There are certain levels of permission that they will give you, some requiring lots of oversight and some requiring very little. For legal purposes, no matter what the study, if the participants are under 18 they are minors and that's a different level of oversight that the university requires. I'm required to state certain things on the first page of the survey and that's one of them.

. You can probably appreciate the difficulties my ex had when collecting data about college students' (1st and 2nd year Psych students looking for extra credit) sexual behaviors, their knowledge of the risks, and their perceived level of risk from AIDS/STDs, for an study on cognitive dissonance. Very frustrating at the time, but pretty funny now.

Have you come across this map? It was created by Instructables member Trebuchet. It's been a little neglected of late, but could be of some use to your work.

I just put myself on the map.

Kiteman: I saw similar to that on the Make Magazine site, but not for Instructables. That's really useful. Thanks for pointing it out.

That's not a problem. I did your survey as well, last time you posted it.