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Accelerator in a bowl Answered

I want to help my kid explain particle accelerator with this project; I think I get the conductive ball
and positive/negative strips. What do I use to get "high powered dc current"? any suggestions ?
I would like this to be self contained i.e. not plugged in.



In addition to the "electrostatic cyclotron" you posted, you could also build a mechanical linear accelerator out of small magnets and steel balls. User "whatsisface" posted a link in the parallel discussion I started.

The positive and negative strips are basically just copper tape (you can buy it at a craft store, or from McMaster-Carr. Dr. Johnson says (in an e-mail to me), that he pulled the power supply from a "negative ion generator" to use for this project. The supply is fully potted, so all you need do is connect the 15 kV output leads. If you haven't worked with high voltage before, do some research first. It can bite! It will need to be plugged in via a wall-wart, or you could probably rig up some good 12V lantern batteries to a cord cut off a wall-wart. Note, Dr. Johnson also said that the bowl was a custom acrylic job he had made for the project. I'm going to discuss that with him some more; I wonder if a good quality pyrex mixing bowl would work, but I don't know.

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