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Accidentally Re-publishing Instructable Answered

I accidentally republished my Instructable inside the Android app when I removed a picture. Is this going to be a problem in any way or will the Instructable proceed as is, but just needs to be re-approved? I noticed my view count and favorites were not reset, but my comments were. The Instructable was also resubmitted to a contest that I had already entered.



3 years ago

Hello Ohoilett,

I don't think your Instructable will be posted twice, I think the republish thing is simply to add any changes made during an edit, and lock them into place, then displaying your amendments on the existing Instructable. :-) Sort of like an edit, then refresh feature, so to speak. :-)

Thank you for the reply.

You've just updated it. It's okay.

Though it is weired that the comments resetted..

Yeah that's what threw me off. But it seems fine now I guess.