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Account email not updating.... Answered

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.


Found the solution here:


PS: Is there a SEARCH button for the forum? Cause I had to find the solution looking at the topics one by one. I'm not the kind of person that duplicates threads in forums, but I couldn't find a SEARCH function in this one.

The search box (upper right corner of any I'bles page) searches the entire site. It uses Google's indexing engine, so you can use their modifiers to narrow your search. To search only the forums, add "inurl:community".

Same for me. I changed my email account heaps ago. Then I changed the settings on Instructables to get the notifications in the new one and seemed like I changed it right. However the notifications have been sent all this time to my old email account!! How's that possible? On my Instructables account settings it's clearly said that I changed my email adress to my actual one.

Any solution?

Thanks everyone! Still a great web!!

Yes...this is really a drag. Especially, when you've bought and paid for a premium account and info is STILL being sent to outdated Email address. Come on Instructables, please figure this one out...

Me too! I need to disable the old email real soon, so would love to know what's up with this.