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Account locked AGAIN!!!! I swear I didn't do anything this time Answered

I want to know what's going on around here, there seems to be some poor managment and judgement going on here. I'm actually getting fairly annoyed, and I know I haven't said anything bad, I even seen many other's saying worse than I have and they are still kicking around. They get away with it because they're "long time members" I actually want my "mr.devious" account unlocked. And I will not stop until it is unlocked. A pm will be sent to ewilhelm aswell. Anyone else want to elaborate?


It is me mr.devious. I apologize to everyone about this post. I was tired from a long night of modifying a case to transfer my existing computer into. Now, if it wasn't for instructables constantly logging me out randomly (no I don't delete my cookies) this wouldn't have happened. I accidently tried logging into my mr.devious account which is still locked without realising it was that account and got into a rather large outrage and wrote ewilhelm a long pm. I apologize again for all the nuisance, I need to learn to get more sleep. Now how do I delete this post, just ask?

wow dude u were kinda well... how can i put this...COLORFUL i meen u dont see other ppl saying thst kind of stuff do you?

what excactly did u say? i meen c'mon is has to be sumthing bad. Or in sum ways worse then others.

If "mr.devious" didn't seem compelled to use expletives in just about every sentence while personally insulting people, I'm sure his account would be fully functional. Many of the posts I caught from "mr.devious" would fall under the category of Trolling.


11 years ago

write your password down somewhere if ewillhelm has give you no reason and you are posative youve done nothing wrong then there has got to be a rational explanation

Maybe they didn't want you to join again?